Our signals are a result of scanning the Binance marketplace, with liquidity and reliability this is the best market to be in.

Development Team

Our algorithms are constantly updated by our developers and adapted to be ahead of the game. You won’t have any interruptions – just profit.


Using the brilliantly curated tools by 3commas we are able to offer accurate calls delivered with precision.

Altcoin signals that work

Our signals are driven by our own coded algorithm – unlike other systems that work in tradingview, we have our own backend system coded to deliver fast paced signals with the least amount of delay possible. This means our signals are ahead of the game.

Filtered coins

Coin filtering means we only deliver signals on coins with a solid project. Any experienced trader will realise in the past few years alot of new projects have made it onto the exchanges – only a limited amount of these offer real opportunities. We dont look for quick pump and dumps – we search out those real swings with substance behind them.

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3commas ready!

Using our signals you can connect to composite bots via 3commas toolset. Its as simple as navigating to the marketplace and purchasing a membership.

We have created a simple guide on setting this up, all you have to do then is sit back and relax. There are more advanced videos available in the future for developing your strategy and minimising risk. You can also connect with users in our telegram group to discuss different bot setups. We give you the calls but making them efficient is up to you – this is what makes it fun, everyone is unique and its the journey into discovering your style.

If you dont want to automate it and want more control – 3commas offers smart trades and with the trailing function this opens a whole different level of profitability.

Community Driven

We are a family. Our journal to financial freedom starts here and the only way to progress is to work together. We have active communities starting with Telegram and later developing into our own private chat based system.

Our team will be active and around to chat, wether its questions and helping you develop your own trading style – or maybe its general conversation to help the day pass.

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A friend recommended me to Oni Signals, the guys are really help from the get go and had me setup in just a few clicks. They helped me tailor a BOT to my own resources and goals and within a few hours I was making positive trades. Over the last week my BOT has made 204 trades of which 95% were winners.
Richard Knight3commas User
Oni Signals are on a different level! Incredibly fast, frighteningly accurate, and really simple to setup. I was able to test trades initially on a paper account and very quickly realised I had the confidence to move this to my real live money account, within days the automated system had made over 45 trades with one loss, which was insignificant in comparison to the profit I was taking in. Oni waits patiently… then before you know it the signals are coming in just as the market comes alive, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether I’m watching and chatting with the guys on Telegram, or fast asleep, the profits keep coming in!

The whole thing is fun, easy, and profitable.

Richard SwaffieldForex/Crypto Enthusiast
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