About Oni

Where did we come from?

Oni is the brainchild of Kian and Aden – our original core members. Over the past 2 years both of them had been working on developing their own trading methods up until they met via the trading social scene. After a brief chat it was soon evident they were both a powerhouse together.

What Happened?

After extensive hours of research and reading endless charts we discovered a method of discovering opportunities unlike anything else. With Aden’s belief trading should be a social experience and Kian developing the backend – they combined brains and created Oni.

What does “Oni” mean?

“Oni” are demons, said to possess extreme strength, and are accomplished sorcerers.
We are the demons of the Crypto world – lurking in the dark with extreme powers, seeking opportunities to rise up.

Accurate calls

We dont just use a simple RSI – our method of finding trades takes into account factors outside of the charts. We look at latest developments and news, roadmap updates and then compare this to performance at current levels.

Coin filtering

We review coins on a daily basis and an on call basis. If a coin has some bad news (it happens) we will remove it from the list. The very same if a bad trade is spotted and it made it through our system, we will alert you asap to close that trade and prevent a loss.

Risk Management

We plan to scale into offering advice on how to trade and manage your risks. These won’t be re-hashed techniques from elsewhere but more-so our own proven and tested methods. This will take into account the psychology of trading and removing greed.

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