How to use Oni Signals

Register on 3commas & Link your exchange

Follow this link to register – Link

  1. If you use the following link – when paying for a subscription with 3commas you will receive 10% discount in your first payment (this is is not discount on the signal in the marketplace).
  2. You now have 2 choices, you can create a Binance trader account for free or connect to your own Binance wallet using the API (This requires an upgraded subscription on 3commas to enable bots).

Sign up to Oni Signals in the Marketplace

Find us listed in the market place – Here

Using the link or looking in the Market place you can find the connection to our signals. Just fill in the information required and you are directly connected

Time to connect the bot

Create a composite bot

1. Click create a bot on the bot screen and change the bot type to “Composite”. You can also name your bot at this point and select the exchange account where your funds are located.

2. Chances are the bot might have BNB pair selected but if you clear this then select BTC_ALL it will list every single pair on Binance. Dont worry some of these pairs wont be traded as we have filters in place for lots of the low volume coins but this will allow the bot to connect to whichever it pleases.

3. Next box is strategy, this is dynamic to you – I recommend working out 2% of your total funds per trade. This will be your base order size. Leave the safety box blank – whatever the settings are its obsolete. Once you have 2% of the funds written in – us the max deal settings and change it to 45 deals and this will give 90% of total funds in allocation.

4. Deal start condition : Once you have subscribed the Oni signal will be available in here. Make sure it is selected as this is vital to it working. We recommend using 1% take profit and 1%(0.99%) trailing (check edit). The reason the trailing matches the take profit wont actually result in a loss – in most cases it allows the trade to run, increasing profit potential.

EDIT : This has been re-adjusted, it is best to use 0.9% Take profit and 0.5% trailing

5. Now just match the rest of the settings to the image below – make sure safeties is set to 0 and max deals 1.

6. Now all it takes is to turn the bot on to active and let it work.

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