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Our membership cost is simple. Paying you get full access to our community and the feed of daily calls. Are you ready for some of the best calls out there? We have instructional videos below on this page but our admins will help you get setup and making trades asap.

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  • Access to our premium daily feed
  • Access to our online community
  • Monthly source of happiness

” Oni has been incredible – I have been running the signals now for 3 weeks and seeing a faster rate of growth than my own strategy. “

 – Surfiold_Crypto, Oni & 3commas user

How do we use the signals?

Oni calls are designed to be the key to the door. You open the door.


Unlike the rest of the trading signals out there – we do not promise riches and boast how rich we are. That is up to you to achieve. Oni calls are designed to be the key to the door. We provide you with the key but it’s up to you to use it in the door – this key can be used to unlock many locks but some are more profitable than others.

We have tried and tested our calls and provided evidence of our own success but we fully accept we might not of achieved the most profitable route – this is where our community comes in. We want to offer a portal for you to discuss your strategies and help each other achieve success. You could unlock something incredible.


  • Receive your call via the Telegram feed
  • Connect this to your bot or manually open trade on 3commas
  • Profit.

We have created a simple video that will show you how to make manual entries using the calls. This is the basic form of a strategy and provides success for Aden. You can choose your own direction with the feed.

We are currently updating this section over the upcoming days with various guides. Please contact the team or ask in our community chat for support.

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Here is a collection of screenshots collected from our already existing community. If you would like to share your success with us – please email us at We take great pride in offering full transparency in the reality of how successful our signals are.

You can use tradingview indicators for basic technical analysis and confirmations.
We do all the hard work behind the scenes.

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